Pie Club on the beeb!

BBC Radio Newcastle

February’s pie club was a special one as we welcomed Ana from BBC Radio Newcastle to come and record behind the scenes for a feature on the radio.

Nicola Tynemouth, one of our regular pie club attendees drew the short straw and baked her pie on camera while being interviewed (rather her than me!). Ana, the BBC researcher joined us for pie club and interviewed guests and filmed snippets of pie for Facebook. To say we were a little nervous is an understatement. Pie club is used to being underground and being filmed certainly was a new experience for a few guests, but it was great fun.

The theme

February’s theme was TV show or movie, so it opened up a whole host of wonderful ideas. We were blown away with the creativity and everyone went all out to impress.

I made a Forrest Gump Chocolate Box Pie… “Life was like a box of chocolates… etc”! and a Once upon a time in Mexico pie, just in case my pain pie didn’t quite work out! I don’t usually bake two, but I thought I can’t let down the beeb!

Pies included-

  • Pieception, a pie in a pie in a pie. You know, like the film Inception!
  • Tweetie Pie
  • Mrs Lovett’s full bodies Pie (Sweeney Todd)
  • The Battle of the century, the pie fight. A custard pie like in Laurel and Hardy
  • Marmalade sandwiches make prison bearable- a Paddington Bear pie
  • Smoky and the bandit – a smoked beef pie
  • Nurse Crane’s Hommity Pie from Call the Midwife
  • And the pie with many names including Lamb Shank Redemption, Lambo part 1,2 and 3, Sheeping with the Enemy and Mulamb which of course was a lamb pie!

Listen to us on the radio

You can hear our feature on BBC Radio Newcastle here, simply skip forward 19 a bit minutes. You’ll also need to sign in or register to listen to the content too.

Watch our video on Facebook here

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Happy baking!

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